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All for Z

Z-Shop offers you the possibility to find the most interesting z scale accessories and some exclusive railroad car.
As it was set up to help the manufacturer to grow up their z catalogue you will find here some items produced in limited edition.

Even if Z-Shop is opened to all the Z-Fans, some items are exclusively for members. These items are marked with the special logo ().
Members are also entitled to apply for the special offerings that are shown in the Members Only section.

Moreover, other items in the List are produced for the Z Club 92
exclusively, such as the special Busses, the Petau items and the Westmodell

WARNING: As most of the item are manufactured in limited edition, we can sometimes only execute an order partially. We will try to delete items of the list as soon as they are sold out, but it is possible that more than one order is placed at the same time. Members will be served first than we will supply items on a first-come-first-serve basis.

To place your order, you can browse the Buy Online pages, or download the List of the items as a pdf file from the Download Form, print and complete it and then fax it to the telefax number indicated.

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